The Style Doll Chronicles

Rambutan: Es una fruta que se da en la región de cacahoatán, éste fruto se asemeja a una uva por su sabor dulce, el external es parecido a un pequeño erizo rojo, con sus picos parados, pero estos no son duros, el inside es una pulpa dulce de color blanco traslucido y jugoso, en su inside existe una semilla grande y dura. Over her 'sweats' she wears a darling emperor orange fabric night-gown with emperor yellow silk system court shoes that are hidden and orange hose. Concerning her REGALIA... She decided on a short white 'ermine' luxurious cape covered in leopard print silk along with a gorgeous bandeau of featured with 'doorknocker' heads. Stomach lenth braided hair that is dark with off center part with perimeter diverted to form sideburns. This lavish gown features a detatchable dark satin train with bag top and little black ribbon fastner.

Due to their identityis histories and behind the Designer Supermodel views, I absolutely view a blend of Connection for your fashionable international interest and suspense, Indiana Jones for your arcane mystic secrets, and Charlie's Angels in their hair flippery fun, and for their fashion forward fraternal sisterhood, this Supermodel band of Pussycat Dolls” contact themselves GODs (GlamourOz Toys)!

Over her 'sweats' she wears a favorite emperor yellow organza nightgown with emperor yellow satin system court shoes that are concealed and orange line. As her REGALIA, to... She opt for brief white 'ermine' cape lined with 'door knocker' heads in a lovely bandeau J.BILLINGSLEA of decorated as well as leopard-print silk. Middle lenth hair that is braided that is black with off middle part with fringe diverted to create sideburns. This robe that is grand has a detatchable black silk train with cover top and little black bend fastner.
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